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Cary Physical Therapy partners with Lake Barrington Woods to provide our patients with aquatic therapy.

Our program includes at least one land-based session a week to promote functional rehabilitation, and the program is supervised overall by a licensed physical therapist.

Aquatic therapy is particularly effective for post-surgical patients, athletes, chronic pain patients, and individuals with arthritis and orthopedic conditions.

The therapeutic temperature and reduction of gravitational forces form the water allow patients to perform exercises that would be too difficult on land.

Benefits of aquatic therapy include muscular relaxation, reduced pain sensitivity, decreased muscle spasm, increased ease of joint movement, increased body awareness, improved trunk stability and balance, improved self-confidence and morale, improvement of respiratory muscles, and reduction of gravitational forces.

A doctor’s referral is needed to begin aquatic therapy. Once you have a prescription, you can call us for an appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your aqua therapy to allow for preparation time. You need to wear a bathing suit for these sessions. However, if you are uncomfortable with that, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt over it.

You do not need to know how to swim and your face will never be submerged in the water.

Our staff remains in the water with you during your entire treatment.

Aquatic therapy is covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare.

If you want to check in advance about your insurance coverage, you can call 847-516-8095.