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Work Safe Programs

Functional Capacity Assessment

Workers who have suffered injuries that can affect their ability to do their jobs can benefit from a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCE).

This is done by assessing the worker’s ability to do their work and to test their limits of tolerance to a variety of real or simulated work activities.

The FCE may be accompanied by a Jobs Demands Analysis (JDA) to determine exactly the nature of the physical requirements to perform a certain job. All job tasks are assessed including weights to be lifted, frequency of action and duration of all work tasks.

Onsite Workplace Ergonomics Assessment

Specially trained physical therapists from Cary PT will go into workplaces to conduct assessment of ergonomics or, in other words, of ensuring that jobs are correctly fitted to workers.

Workers must also know how to adjust their office workstations to avoid straining injuries. In the world of ergonomic risks, it is important to understand that conditions that can cause issues for one employee may not affect another.

Ergonomic risk factors include anything that poses the risk of injury to a worker.

Work Injury Reduction

Specialists from Cary Physical Therapy in Cary, Illinois will work with employers on site to identify ergonomic risk facts that can cause injury, lost time and lost money to businesses.

We will check for repetitive and forceful movements required on the job, vibration, temperature extremes and fluctuations, and awkward postures that can arise from improperly arranged work states, tools and equipment.